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Greater than 90% of madagascar's number one forests are destroyed, impacting humans living in severe poverty the most.

Why reforest in madagascar?
Madagascar is one of the world’s top biodiversity conservation priorities due to its endemic species and intense habitat loss charges. The destruction of the mangrove estuaries alongside the shoreline has prompted mudflats to wash into the sea, destroying as soon as-effective fisheries and increasing the vulnerability of coastal communities to hurricanes, tsunamis, and floods. Inside the dry deciduous forests, deforestation threatens one of the international’s rarest and maximum diverse wooded area systems.

Of madagascar's number one forests continue to be

Of species are precise to madagascar

How they began
In reaction to the huge-scale loss of mangroves in madagascar, we commenced restoring mangrove estuaries in mahajanga in 2007. We worked with the area people to clean the estuary of useless timber, collect a diffusion of local propagule species, and plant the propagules throughout the low tide. Much less than a decade later, our paintings in mahajanga developed right into a thriving mangrove wooded area, ensuing inside the go back of a healthy aquatic surroundings. What commenced as mangrove reforestation in 2007 grew to encompass a diffusion of upland dry deciduous forests in 2012.

Wherein are they working
Northwest madagascar

Mangrove reforestation
Imparting stability in opposition to erosion and improving ocean fitness
Over million mangroves planted per month
Covered herbal reserves & parks
Ankarafantsika national park

Tropical dry deciduous forest
Domestic to 8 species of endangered lemurs
70% of the 820 species of plant life determined inside the park are endemic to madagascar
Northwest madagascar

Dry deciduous initiatives to reforest land devastated via cut down and burn practices
Offer balance to the land and guard in opposition to erosion and flooding
Restore and amplify critical animal habitat

"only at eden": combating fires in flip flops
While the general public run faraway from fires, our crew runs in the direction of them. For instance, in september 2021, a hearth in ankarafantsika burned over 1,500 hectares (round 6 square miles). Because the fireplace persisted to spread, the fireplace branch reached out to our madagascar crew for assist due to our experience in fireplace mitigation. Our team accumulated their gear together with water packs, buckets, and shovels and joined the firefighters. They were on the the front lines in t-shirts and sandals, extinguishing the hearth. Our groups train in hearth management to make sure that the bushes we plant are covered from severe events as they grow to adulthood.

Our achievement
With 80-one project sites, madagascar is our maximum prolific reforestation and poverty alleviation project nation. We've extensive infrastructure which include protect houses, hearth towers, and seed banks. We also evolved a schooling centre for nearby nursery managers to benefit arms-on revel in in seedling control and effective reforestation techniques.

664 million+ bushes
Produced, planted, and guarded

Eight,800+ employees
Empowered with honest wages

Why bushes count number?
Despite the fact that the complete world switched to green energy these days, we'd nonetheless have too much co2 in the atmosphere. This extra co2 will keep to purpose a upward push in international temperatures. We want to do away with co2, billions of tonnes of it, to remedy this weather crisis and bushes are our fine wish.

Trees are the most value-powerful and efficient carbon elimination technology that we've. Our forests today cast off 1/third of all fossil gas emissions, but we are dropping our forests to wild fires and human pushed deforestation

Planting timber with eden
For any occasion in your app, whether a buy, a milestone or a subscription, you could make a call to our device the usage of our api. We keep a file in your organization and on the end of the month, tally all of the api calls made and invoice your enterprise.

As soon as paid, we switch the budget to our tree planting associate eden to plant mangrove bushes in madagascar.

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