Smartwatch generation has stepped forward a lot in recent years, and that they've additionally grow to be a lot more popular. However, on the identical time, they haven't yet grow to be must-have accessories.

A telephone is now the obvious desire if you want a brand new cellphone. But the majority are still satisfied with conventional watches for telling the time.

So, here's why smartwatches are beneficial—but why you don't really need one.


Why do human beings buy smartwatches?
Smartwatches take a number of the beneficial functions located in a phone and positioned them for your wrist. They can be used to acquire notifications, make and receive smartphone calls, and get entry to a wide variety of apps.

They're regularly geared up with state-of-the-art fitness trackers which could analyze each movement you make, and some of the apps are really beneficial.

For example, you could name an uber from your wrist, keep music of day by day to-do lists, and pay attention to audiobooks. In reality, you'll find that most famous phone apps now have smartwatch variations.

​​the most recent models are also pretty elegant. And the wide selection of various faces way that you'll by no means get uninterested in how they look.

10 reasons you in all likelihood don't need a smartwatch
There's no shortage of satisfied smartwatch proprietors. However those devices are a ways from best. If you're considering buying a smartwatch, here are ten motives you would possibly need to store your cash.

1. Smartwatches are overpriced
Clever watch arm
The maximum popular smartwatches value $200-300. This is pretty affordable when in comparison to other watches. But it's horrible fee whilst in comparison to a phone.

For the identical rate, you should buy a mid-range phone. The phone may have a larger display screen, better specs, better capability, and a integrated camera.

Smartwatches have their blessings, but in terms of price for money, there's no contrast.

2. Smartwatches want everyday charging
Most smartwatches need charging each one or days. That is comprehensible given the functionality however it is something you have to consider if you're planning on changing a traditional watch.

Having a smartwatch manner one greater digital tool that you'll need to keep charged. And if you neglect, your new watch won't even have the ability to inform time.

Three. A health tracker might be more sensible
Smartwatches are designed for use as fitness trackers. They attain this purpose, however there may be a purpose that many human beings opt for a dedicated tool instead.

Fitness trackers are considerably cheaper, frequently a good deal smaller, and generally have tons longer battery lives. For instance, some fitness trackers ultimate for up to 30 days with out a price.

If you're seeking out a device which could song your activity 24 hours a day, a smartwatch may, consequently, not be the fine desire.

4. Smartwatches are not handy for smartphone calls
Smart watch wrist
Smartwatch era is improving all of the time, but they're not yet convenient for making telephone calls. It's smooth to argue that they in no way will be.

Protecting your wrist to your ear is in no way going to be comfortable, and until all of us adjustments their thoughts about this, you are constantly going to appearance pretty strange doing so.

Smartwatches do work well with arms-free headsets, however the advantage of an eye fixed over a phone on this state of affairs is debatable.

Five. Consistent notifications aren't constantly useful
Smartwatches offer get admission to to notifications at a flip of the wrist. This is good in case you are regularly in conditions wherein you can't use a telephone. It's also useful if you need access to breaking news.

But most of the people do not want or need such constant get right of entry to to updates.

In no way-finishing notifications can be dangerous to both productivity and mental fitness. Smartwatches make it viable in no way to miss any other notification. However this isn't always always a great component.

6. You still want to have your telephone with you
A few people buy smartwatches hoping to go away their telephones at domestic. Regrettably, this commonly isn't practical.

A few smartwatches have sim card slots, but most don't, that means you cannot make or receive a phone name without having your smartphone nearby.

Most of the people of smartwatch apps also can't be mounted with out a paired telephone app.

7. Smartwatch monitors have limited capability
Clever watch hand
Smartwatch screens are becoming sharper. But given the constraints of the form aspect, there may be a restrict to what it can achieve.

Text enter is extraordinarily inconvenient, with most packages relying on speech enter as an alternative. And most notifications offer constrained data.

Many smartphone apps are therefore simplest useful while combined with their smartphone-primarily based counterparts.

Eight. Health tracking is every so often unreliable
Fitness tracking is a extraordinarily new idea. Which means that the information that you get hold of from them isn't always absolutely correct.

Statistics monitoring troubles practice to both smartwatches and health trackers. They could provide you with lots of facts which you wouldn't in any other case have. But the accuracy of that information is not something that all of us's fitness ought to rely on.

9. Most smartwatches aren't water-resistant
Maximum smartwatches are marketed as "waterproof," however this normally means water-resistant, not that you can submerge them for a extended duration. Before buying a smartwatch, it is an amazing concept to test the unique boundaries.

​​​​many smartwatches, as an example, may be damaged by using saltwater. That is in assessment to conventional watches which might be often designed for swimming within the sea.

10. Smartwatches aren't to be had in all sizes
All the added capability in smartwatches has to go somewhere. And which means there is a limit to how small they could get.

When you have small wrists or you want watches with especially small profiles, you might locate it hard to discover a smartwatch in your selected style.

There may be also a restriction to the quantity of traditional patterns that a digital display can replicate.

Need to you buy a smartwatch?
Smartwatches are useful add-ons, and plenty of individuals who buy them end up satisfied with their buy. Earlier than buying one, however, it is an excellent idea to ask your self what reason it's going to truely serve.

Many of their capabilities are higher carried out by using dedicated devices. And this makes a smartwatch true at many things however now not perfect for any of them.


fitness watches


Are health trackers Fitness Watches well worth it? the professionals and cons

Are fitness trackers well worth it? We present a few professionals and cons of fitness trackers to help you determine whether or not you need to strap up or maintain transferring tech-loose

Are health trackers really worth it? We present a few experts and cons of fitness trackers to help you decide whether or no longer you want to strap up or keep moving tech-unfastened 
It’s in reality no longer possible to hit the trails nowadays without seeing fitness trackers strapped to wrists, and if you run with a chum who wears one, it’s guaranteed you’ll by no means hear the surrender of approaches first rate it's fargreater than only a coronary coronary heart fee screenin recent times’s fitness trackers can offer you with a thoughts boggling quantity of information, from how lengthy you need to get over a exercise to how well you’re snoozinghowever probably you’ve been getting out to your great route walking footwear for years with out a watch to tell you what you are doing, and they might come with a hefty rate tag, so that you might be questioning, are health trackers well worth it? right here we gift some pros and cons of fitness trackers to help you determine whether or not you need to strap up or maintain shifting tech-unfastened.

specialists of using a health tracker

The number one reason people invest in a health tracker is to assist motivate them to get, or staylively Motivation.
The primary cause people spend money on a fitness tracker is to assist inspire them to get, or liveactive. A 2015 have a look at within the american mag of preventive medicine(opens in new tab) found that individuals extended their mild to lively bodily interest by way of over an hour per week even as sporting a fitbit. health trackers can encourage you the use of gear that remind you to get up and skip spherical when you have been still for too lengthy, or possibly it’s simply glancing down and seeing steps taken and calories burned that encourages you now not to bypass tonight’s run in any case.

Measurable development
every other thing of fitness trackers that people truly like is they assist you diploma how a good buy progress you’ve made in in truth quantifiable methodsnow and again close to training it could be tough to tell in case you’re progressing or plateauing, and statistics like miles run or workouts completed can inspire a revel in of accomplishment that during turn feeds your motivation.

focused schooling
it may be smooth to get stuck in a rut as regards to schoolingwhether or not meaning trekking the identical trail or going for walks the equal distance every timehealth trackers can be splendid for targeting your schooling within the course of unique goalsspecifically with reference to coronary coronary heart price zones. often you’re training in the incorrect vicinity for what you need to perform – for instanceweight loss – and a health tracker can help you adjust your method for better consequences.

The large barrier for a whole lot of humans whilst looking to determine whether or not or now not or now not to buy a health tracker is the sheer value of them 
The massive barrier for a number of humans whilst looking to determine whether or not or now not or now not to shop for a fitness tracker is the sheer price of them, that could range from about $65 (£50) all the way as a good deal as almost $1000 (£750). because you likely already personal a telephoneyou would possibly decide that downloading a free, or very  health app will do.

though champions of fitness trackers will permit you to recognise all approximately the amazing records they may providethere may be some query over how correct they may bethough like several era, they’re in all likelihood enhancing with every passing day, a 2020 review of studies on health tracker reliability inside the magazine of scientific net studies found that preferred accuracy varies in line with brand and toolwhile coronary heart price dimension end up more variable, with apple watch and garmin being the most accurate and fitbit tending towards underestimation. For electricity expenditure, no emblem of health tracker became determined to be accurate.

in the end, there’s the argument that the use of a health tracker might simply distract you from doing what you want and get you focused on the wrong mattersanyways, there are a  many highbrowmental and neurological benefits to getting out of doors inside the smooth air that don't have anything to do with counting steps or coronary heart charge zones and you may pass over these in case you’re too busy searching at your watch. some time outside may be higher spent as a ways a long way from era as you could get.

sports watches


A sports watch is an accessory that is used to track the time and monitor a person’s physical activity. It can be worn on the wrist or as a necklace.

Sports watches have become popular with people who are into sports, as they help in monitoring their performance and progress. They also provide alerts for when it’s time to take a break from exercise or stop exercising altogether.

Many of these watches also come with fitness apps that allow you to track your fitness goals, set goals, and log workouts.

The introduction of this section should be about what makes a sports watch useful for athletes and people who exercise regularly.

 luxury watches

 Luxury watches are a symbol of success and prestige. They are not just about the time anymore, but also about what the watch represents.

This section is about the Rolex watch, one of the most famous luxury watches in the world. It has been on people's wrists for more than 100 years and is still a status symbol today.

fashion watches


A good fashionable watch is a must-have for most women. From office worker to sport lover, women can wear a watch for any occasion. Hence, the purchase of fashionable watches should not be taken lightly.

Women watches come in all different shapes and designs, each accenting the uniqueness of its wearer. Choosing the best watches for her wardobe may not seem like an easy task though that doesn't mean it cannot be done with careful consideration and researching the types of watches worth considering.

Obviously, no one wants to buy a watch that they will only wear home on April Fool’s Day - it will make all that time spent researching, examining and picking up tough. You need to feel confident wearing your new toy out in public as well as around friends (who just might appreciate it if you take care to choose a great one).

At the end of this article we have compiled some helpful tips on what is important when looking for trendy ladies watch that you could use at

We can wear a watch to monitor the passage of time, make a fashion statement and they even help us with our work.

Buying the right watch, not only keep us in sync all around but also be very useful when it comes to finances as most watches now contain all different kinds of features that are designed for those things.

There are some factors to take into consideration when choosing your perfect timepiece.

-Simplicity, what’s good at telling time without other complications will surely work best in design.

-Okay-looking shape or band that may or may not interfere with your clothes. You could use it as an opportunity to enhance your style depending on the occasion, and compliment whichever outfit you're wearing that day with it's color or shapes

-Dial texture as well as dial transparency, some people prefer for their dial to have texture such as numbers and indices raised off of the surface which feel more substantial and comfortable if you’re looking

Do you want a fashionable watch that matches your mood? Then this article is for you. We will look at the features of different watches and help you find one that suits your needs.

The size of the watch can affect what style fits it best. Different models have different weight and bulk which is why it’s vital to try before you buy to get the perfect fit. Large watches generally look better on people with a thicker wrist or men in smaller wrist size so if your wrists are on the larger side, we don’t recommend 40mm watches for women or 39mm or less for men since they would not fit well on larger wrists.

Exterior details make a difference as well to what kind of face, case color, straps, buckles and bracelets will coordinate with them. Different coloured dials can change the appearance of a watch mark significantly so be careful in mixing them together if traditionally they may clash with one another. The combinations are endless!

skeleton watches


This is an introduction about two main advantages of skeleton watches:

a) They are classic and elegant, not looking cheap and tacky like many analog watches available in the market.

b) You can see its movement on your wrist as it is open to the air or through a glass or window pane. But most other watches you will see only on top of a table or room divider.

You may now be thinking "why should I wear this watch?". Surely no one will see it if you keep it inside your jacket, right? Answer is that with this type of clever design, people have an instant stealth appreciation and can feel the sensations of seeing all its inner moving parts, the distinctive shapes they form while they rotate in synchronicity with each other.

At night before I fall asleep, I take off my watch and find that the inside of my wrist is becoming a mess, but all because it bothers me to wear a watch, so I have to buy another one every month. The push into an old friend's shop watches this treasure - ah! This Skeleton Watch to buy a better way?

So that you know! The transparent dial reveals the internal clockwork assembly so that each component can be seen in detail and be saved from the damage of the table or desk. The case shank places emphasis on the industrial nature of these intricate inner workings. And some models of stainless steel watches will never rust and allow sweat or water to damage them.

Affordable. High quality. Oversized, masculine look.

Reason to buy: Skeleton watches are affordable and high-quality; they're a subtle piece that's perfect for day-to-day wear while being suitable for more formal settings


wooden watches


The affordability of wood watches is what makes them so popular. They are not only cool but offer a different kind of class as well.

Expanding last year’s stopwatch-shaped smartwatch to something a little more timeless and stylish, Nixon has launched the Voice Mail Blox, a watch that looks to blend fashion and function in a sleek design. A small digression - voice mail?

Nixon’s latest piece of tech is meant for their loyalists, who have always been active outdoors. They value their time outdoors, have come up with an smarter technology that accurately records their workouts, has created wireless earbuds that are easy to put on before getting there. With this first lightweight analog mechanical watch the company developed exclusively for the wrist, Nixon created an identity for themselves in a largely digital world and can see into looking there for what comes next

There are plenty of reasons why someone should consider buying a wood watch.

1. Wood watches are attractive and stylish watch options for men or women

2. Wood watches don’t have the same price as a metal watch, so they make perfect accessory purchases too!

3. Speak to one today - they will help you find your perfect wood watch!


ultra thin watches


I love my watch.

I felt like I needed a upgrade - one that allowed me to be able to track my fitness more. That, and I wanted something more luxurious! When I saw this beauty, it loved everything about it. Although it is expensive (even though I caved), it was most worth the money for the sake of quality and accuracy.

If you're looking for a sleek and accurate watch, then this should be what you're looking for!

Ultra thin watches aim to be lightweight and resistant. And they also try to look pleasing aesthetically. ULTRA THIN WATCHES are becoming increasingly popular because they fulfill promises while being less expensive than high-end designer watches.

Users are encouraged to consider the purpose of these types of watches and what they want them for; is it a gift, or is it a long-term investment piece? Depending on their answers, they can find the type of watch that would serve them best.

pocket watches


Time is money as they say and it is so for pocket watches too. Consider a gold monogrammed wristwatch for around $200 and wholesale prices when it does not work- end of story, ten per cent discount to third party insurer if you are lucky.

However, a pocket watch is still the clever way to go when your investment budget only stretches to a pleasant retirement gift or new watch chain wallet and fob. The 3 leading compass dials will set it apart from the other watches round town: solid silver watchmakers' work at one end of the spectrum, solid 18 K Gold and hand enamelled vintage design at the other or best yet an unusual precision quartz digital watch, hand engraved dial with customer's feathery logo engraved on subsidiary seconds dial, sapphire glass crystal) or rhinestones encrusted with ostrich beeping towards customer endorsement.

When you ask the old crowd about their opinion on whether or not to buy a timepiece, chances are that they will tell you that there is no point of using an antique piece when a fifty dollar smartphone had made all the clocks in life irrelevant.

The truth is quite contrary! There are many good reasons for collecting POCKET WATCHES. And in case someone doesn't have enough pocket space, it becomes one of the best ways to store little things.

POCKET WATCHS are items that 99% of the world's population does not wear today. Pocket watches, which are named because they are small enough to attach to a shirt or waistcoat pocket, have the advantage of being elegant yet discreet.

A wristwatch is an item meant primarily as a timepiece while a POCKET WATCH is something that earns its own keep on the wearer. Either one might be strapped to your wrist or clipped to your belt. The way you wear it will speak as loudly as any one of its features so you should choose wisely.

iced out watches

Looking to buy a new iced out watch? You might be tempted by that glitzy, sparkly piece of jewelry in the store window, but how can you tell whether it's real or fake?

We're here to help! When it comes to iced out watches, there are a few things you can do to determine whether a watch is real or fake. For starters, take a look at the weight of the watch. A real iced out watch will be significantly heavier than a fake iced out watch because of all the diamonds. Another way to tell if a watch is real or fake is by the clarity of the diamonds. Fake iced out watches will have diamonds that are not as clear as real iced out watches. Finally, take a look at the price: if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is (and chances are those diamonds aren't real).

Another difference is that real diamonds will have a small logo or certificate of authenticity on them, while fake diamonds will not. Finally, real diamonds will be set in a higher quality metal (usually gold or platinum), while fake diamonds will be set in cheaper metals like steel or titanium.

 Iced out watches are a style of watch that is covered in diamonds or other precious stones. This style of watch became popular in the hip hop community in the early 2000s, and has since been adopted by celebrities and luxury brands alike. 



custom watches

 If you're the type of person who's always on time, we've got a treat for you: custom watches from swagdials.com

Swagdials is the leader in custom watches that let you design your own face using our easy-to-use customization tools. We have so many options to choose from, whether you're looking for women's or men's watches or even kids' designs!

You can pick from a wide variety of strap materials, including leather, stainless steel and silicon. Browse styles to find the perfect face fit for you. All of our watches come with a one year manufacturer's limited warranty and some of them are even water resistant! Find features such as Japan Quartz 3-hand analogue and full color custom printing on the face. Discover our collection of pre-designed watches or start creating your own today!


Being on time is so important.

And we know how hard it can be to remember your phone in the morning—especially when you're rushing to get out the door.

That's why we created our custom watches—to let you check the time in a snap, and give you options to make every moment count.

With a wide range of styles, sizes, and face designs, there's something for everyone in our collection. Pick from men's, women's, or kids' designs and create your own personalised watch face with our easy-to-use customization tools.

Our custom watch range gives you so much choice! Browse through leather or steel straps; choose full colour printing or Japan Quartz 3-hand analogues on the face; add features like date displays or water resistance if needed. It's all up to you!

We have wonderful strap materials to choose from, including leather, stainless steel and silicon. Just find what fits your life best!


Don't let time stand in your way.

Swagdials.com watches are the perfect accessory for those who are always on the hustle and bustle of life. Our watches are perfect for the business woman who needs to keep track of her appointments, or for the stay at home mom who needs a stylish way to keep up with her kids' schedules.

Our watches are designed to be both functional and fashionable, so you can wear one that keeps you on time while looking great. We have a wide selection of styles to choose from, including men’s, women’s and kid's designs. Our customization tools make it easy to create the perfect watch face for any occasion; whether it's work meetings or play dates with your favorite little ones!

Our custom watch range gives you so much choice. Pick from men's, women's and kids' designs and create your personalized watch face. We have wonderful strap materials to choose from, including leather, stainless steel and silicon. Browse styles to find the perfect face fit for you. All of our watches come with a one year manufacturer's limited warranty and some of them are even water resistant! Find features such as Japan Quartz 3-hand analogue and full color custom printing on!


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