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Bamboo Wooden Phone Charger

Bamboo Wooden Phone Charger

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Compatible with Apple , Bamboo, wood and Mobile applewatch bracket charging wooden bracket multi-function flat cell phone base

 Our Bamboo Wooden Phone Charger is made with durable bamboo wood, making it both stylish and eco-friendly. Enjoy powerful charging capabilities and a sleek design with this modern device. The natural beauty of the bamboo adds an attractive touch to any setup.


Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

1. Material: Wood Bamboo
2. Type: Universal Wood Bamboo Mobile Phone Tablet Holder Stand
3. Numbers of Port: 4 USB port
4. Size: approx 185x110x 80mm
5. Function: Mobile Phone Holder Stand For iPhone 5 5s se/6 6s 7/ 6 6s 7 Plus
                      For Apple Watch charger stand
                      For iPad mini 1/2/3/4 Tablets Desk Holder
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