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D11 Label Printer Bluetooth Label Machine

D11 Label Printer Bluetooth Label Machine

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D11 Label Printer Bluetooth Household Non Drying Label Machine Fast Printing Home Use Office

 Boost your productivity with the D11 Label Printer Bluetooth Label Machine. This versatile device offers fast and efficient label printing through its Bluetooth connectivity. Say goodbye to manual labeling and hello to increased efficiency and ease with the D11 Label Printer.



1. Direct thermal, no ink, toner, or ribbons.
2. Half the weight and size of the traditional label maker!
3. Built-in rechargeable battery!
4. No more dizzy&difficult to press that mini keyboard!
5. DPI increasing by 25%, more clearly!
6. More printable label materials, symbols, graphics, QR codes, etc!
7. Can recognize pictures and languages and convert them into labels!

Product information:

Printing method: Thermal printing
Printing speed:15-20mm/s
Resolution:203 dpi
Effective printing width: 12mm 
Paper width:4~15mm
Paper type: Thermal paper 
Interface : Bluetooth 
Battery capacity : lithium battery 1200mAh
Charging time:3-4hours 
Continuous working time:4-5hours
Supported languages : Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, and other languages
Equipment dimension :108*76*30mm (W*D*H) 
Net weight:137g
Operation: Free APP compatible with IOS and Android
Consumables identification: Automatic

Packing list:

Host * 1, manual * 1, USB * 1, default label paper * 1

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