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High-pressure Spray Gun

High-pressure Spray Gun

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High-pressure Spray Gun Electric Spray Gun Multifunction

 Effortlessly tackle tough cleaning tasks with our High-pressure Spray Gun. This electric, multifunctional gun delivers high-pressure streams for maximum efficiency. Perfect for professional use or DIY projects, it will make your cleaning process faster and more effective.

Product information:
Nozzle diameter: 1.8-2.6
Material: Metal
Applicable scope: household use
Spray distance: 300 (mm)
Coating supply method: suction type
Coating spray rate: 700 (ml/s)
Purpose: Household use
Mixing method: internal mixing spray gun

Packing list:
Electric spray gun+power supply*1

Product Image:

Spray paint eclectic gun electric spray gun Electric spray gun  
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