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Home decoration spray gun

Home decoration spray gun

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      Home Improvement DIY

      • This Home Decoration Spray Gun is the perfect tool for all your home renovation needs. With its precise and controlled spray, you can easily achieve professional-quality results without the need for expensive equipment or hiring a contractor. Designed for ease of use and efficiency, this spray gun will save you both time and money. Make your home renovation projects a breeze with the Home Decoration Spray Gun.

      • Item No.: Yellow Electric Spray Gun
        Type: Automatic spray gun
        Model: 500W spray gun-1
        Nozzle diameter: 2.5
        material: plastic
        Scope of application: home improvement
        Spraying distance: 300 (mm)
        Paint supply method: suction type
        Paint spray volume: 700 (ml/s)
        Product alias: yellow electric spray gun
        Purpose: portable spray gun
        Mixing method: internal mixing spray gun
        Special spray gun: automatic spray gun
        Power: 500W
        Maximum output pressure: 10

        Specification: standard with plastic pot 

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