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Iced Out Women's Watch

Iced Out Women's Watch

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  • Iced Out Watch Hip Hop

Get iced out with this luxury women's watch! Crafted with dazzling details, this timepiece will bring a sparkle to any outfit! Additionally, the craftsmanship of this watch is sure to impress your most discerning friends. Shine on!

  • Transform your wrist-game with a deluxe bust down iced out watch, custom-made to match your individual style. Show off the streets' swag to envy all your peers with a one-of-a kind, fitted watch that features real diamonds and other authentic gemstones. Flip the script on what's expected and stylish – make every part of you fashionable, including your device!
  • Get ready to turn heads with the ultimate luxury accessory: a bust-down iced out watch! With diamonds and gems set into each hand-crafted watch piece, this exclusive style is sure to make a statement. Enjoy the urban flavor of hip-hop and remixed culture while enjoying the classic elegance of fine jewelry. Take your look to the next level with each sparkle and shine - elevate your style game with a bustdown iced out watch today!
  • Get iced out with an exclusive, custom-made bust down watch from us! Our experienced jeweler will take an original luxury watch, meticulously drill it and then fill it with carefully selected gems & stones. Not only will your watch shine - it’ll be an eye catcher! Make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind bust down iced out watch. Stop settling for ordinary - join the remix movement now!
  • This watch is a classic. It features a round case, with a sleek and polished finish, and three-link stainless steel strap that hold strong to your wrist. The crystal bezel brings attention to the diamond crown, while the full diamond bracelet sparkles every time you move. Designed for every day use and perfect for any occasion, this watch is ready to accentuate your wrist.
  • This beautiful watch is made of the best quality material. It will last you a long time and have you looking on point!!
  • Blasting with multiple rows of diamonds and luxurious black leather, this watch makes a statement wherever it goes.
  • This classic and fashion simple design is suitable for any daily style. The unique jewelry design makes you more elegant and beautiful.
  • Case material: stainless steel

  • Case diameter: 35mm

  • Case thickness: 11 mm

  • Belt material: stainless steel

  • Belt length: 200mm
  • Bandwidth: 15mm  
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