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Magnetic Septum Ring

Magnetic Septum Ring

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Introducing the Magnetic Septum Ring – your passport to the world of edgy style without the commitment! Say goodbye to the pain of piercing and hello to the thrill of turning heads with this exact replica of the classic and timeless septum piercing.

🌟 **Why Choose Magnetic?**
No need to endure the needle - our Magnetic Septum Ring effortlessly clips onto your septum, mimicking the real deal without any pain or permanence. Shock your friends, turn strangers' heads, and relish in the secret that only you know it's not the real deal!

💕 **Freebies Galore!**
As a token of appreciation, each Magnetic Septum comes with free Ball & Arrow screw-ons. Because who doesn't love a little extra bling?

✨ **Pain & Allergy-Free Glam:**
Our commitment to your well-being is as strong as the magnetic hold. Crafted with the highest quality stainless steel, our jewelry ensures a pain and allergy-free experience, so you can shine worry-free!

✔️ **Easily Adjustable Magic:**
Designed to suit every nose type, our Magnetic Septum Ring is easily adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone.

✔️ **Stays Put, Never Falls Out:**
Fear not, adventurous souls! Our Magnetic Septum Ring doesn't budge or fall out, letting you flaunt your rebellious style without a care in the world.

✔️ **Looks 100% Real:**
Watch jaws drop as you sport the Magnetic Septum Ring – so realistic, even you'll do a double-take in the mirror!

📏 **Size Matters:**
With dimensions of 1.2*10*3mm, our Magnetic Septum Ring is the perfect size to make a statement without overwhelming your fabulous face.

Join the ranks of the effortlessly cool with our Magnetic Septum Ring – because style should be magnetic, not painful!


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