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Red Bottle Pitcher Plant Insect-eating Plant Flower Pot

Red Bottle Pitcher Plant Insect-eating Plant Flower Pot

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Insect Eating Plant

Few plants are as striking and intriguing as the Red Bottle Pitcher Plant. With its unique shape and behaviour, this insect-eating plant will captivate and amaze. A true marvel of nature, it has earned a status similar to that of Orchids and remains one of the most fascinating plants in the world.

Discover the beauty and benefits of the Nepenthes genus with our Red Bottle Pitcher Plant Flower Pot. Derived from the Greek word "nepenthe," which means "a drug that can make people forget their pain and sorrow," these plants were believed to have medicinal properties. Bring a touch of natural medicine to your home today.


Product information:
Seedling size: diameter 10-15 cm
Chinese name: Red Bottled Nepenthe
Survival temperature: 5-40
Suitable temperature: 20-35
Cultivation substrate: peat, water moss, perlite, etc
Environmental humidity: > 60%
Origin: Southeast Asia

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