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Single-turn Shaker Watch Box

Single-turn Shaker Watch Box

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  • Classic Timeless Style!

  • This watch winder box stores and keeps watches and other small accessories running smoothly on-time. You can use this to keep your automatic watches running smoothly, or use it as a display for your favorite watch collection!
  • Store and wind multiple watches, on time and worry free. This watch box is a great way to keep your investment secure, organized and ready for use.
  • This watch winder box is the perfect way to keep your favorite wristwatch running smoothly on time. It has a very nice design and can store several watches at once.
  • The watch Shaker box is the best way to store and preserve your expensive watches. It's gentle shaking movement keeps the timepieces wound, allowing you to have your favorite timekeepers on hand at any time.
  • This watch box is made of high quality wooden material, and the outer layer is made of leather with a very beautiful design. The internal layer is covered with cork pads to protect your watches from scratching.
  • wooden watch winder box, with a diameter of about 2 inches, suitable for most medium-sized watches.
  • An elegant product which is the perfect gift or keepsake. The box can be used to store jewelry, papers and other items, while also serving as a decorative display case. It will bring you a lot of joy and happiness!
  • The watch Shaker box is designed with a perfect scale and quality, it looks natural and elegant, it can perfectly show the beauty of watches.
  • This new wooden watch winder box is the perfect gift for him and her.


Product information:
Material: wooden material
Packaging level: transport packaging
Packing type: packing box
Uses: Jewelry Box Watch Winding Box
Colour: 1+0 black ostr ich leather (classic), 1+0 brown ostrich leather (classic), 1+0 outer black and inner black (classic), 1+0 outer black and inner white (classic), 1+0 outer Tan Nei Black (Classic Style), 1+0 Outer Tan Nei White (Classic Style)
Specification: 13*13*15.5cm

Packing list:
Watch box*1

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