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Tattoo Machine Complete Set 2023

Tattoo Machine Complete Set 2023

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Tattoo Machine Complete Set Of Tattoo Equipment Set

 Experience the perfect combination of power and precision with our Tattoo Machine Complete Set. Precisely crafted with superior-grade parts, this complete set of tattoo equipment is a reliable and durable choice for professional artists and beginners alike. Get ready to create beautiful, lasting artwork with this essential tool!


Product Information:


1 Color : 7 Color Lion Head Power Supply Tattoo Double Machine American Standard Suit,

2 Color : 7 Color Lion Head Power Supply Tattoo Double Machine European Standard Suit,

3 Color : 7 Color Skull Power Dual Tattoo Suit Us Standard,

4 Color: 7 Color Skull Power Supply Dual Tattoo Suit EU Plug

Material: Alloy

Voltage: 5v, Start 7-12v

Coil: 10 Coils

Speed: 15000 / Rpm

Product Configuration:

1 Set Of Cutting And Tattooing Machine

1 Set Of Fog Tattoo Machine

One LCD Power Supply

1 Power Line

Tattoo Foot Switch 1

1 Transparent Line For Tattoo

5m1 5 Tattoo Needles

5 Tattoo Needles

Tattoo Needle Mouth 5ft 5 Pieces

5 Tattoo Needles

30 Color Cups

7 Bottles Of Tattoo Color

Tattoo Color Rubber Band 50

Tattoo Needle Pad 50

Tattoo Damping Rubber Ring 50

3 Adjusting Spanners For Tattoo

Tattoo Machine Screw 2

Tattoo Repair Cream 1

Tattoo Needle Mouth Brush 1

Tattoo Practice Leather 1

1 Piece Of Tattoo Transfer Paper

1 Handle For Tattoo

2 Tattoo Gloves

Size Information:

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