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150ml Face Exfoliator Facial Cleanser

150ml Face Exfoliator Facial Cleanser

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Skin Cleanser

PH 5.0 ~ 6.0
Similar to skin's natural pH Level.
Contain tea-tree oil
Control oily skin, shrink pore size.
Contain natural BHA
refine skin texture.
Gel type
Smooth and skin friendly.

- How to use
For AM time - Dispense the cleanser and massage onto a wet skin to
dissolve and wash always sebum, dirt, dead skins, leaving skin extremely
soft and comfortable.
For other time - Wash with your normal cleanser first, and do a second
wash with Good Morning Mildly Acidic Cleanser onto your sensitive skin.
Gently massage onto a skin and rinse thoroughly with a tepid water.




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